We recently had Mr. Chris perform his Adventure Heroes program at our library, and it was very well-received. His songs had the kids up and moving all around the room, and kept them interested and entertained throughout the program.
I heard positive feedback from multiple parents after the program, including: “He does a great job of explaining larger concepts to kids in a way that they understand- I was very impressed.”
I would recommend Adventure Heroes to anyone who is looking for a children’s or family program featuring a positive message and good music, while also fostering creativity.
Jon Flanagan
Sam Gary Branch
Denver Public Library

Hi Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for the great program you brought to our children last week.
Since we regularly do Funsical Fitness, the children were familiar with some of the songs and it was fun to see them able to sing along!  We loved the way students were given the opportunity to get up and move and use their imaginations to go on the “adventure” with you.  The concepts within the “adventure” were poignant and the students who were able to catch on to them appreciated linking their understanding to the labels. Thank you again for taking the time to come and sing, play your guitar, dance and take our kids on a great “adventure.”
We all thoroughly enjoyed it!
The Academy, Thorton, Colorado
Dear Mr Chris,
  Thank you for coming into my classroom this afternoon and presenting Adventure Heroes. I know my students enjoyed it very much. I always loved working with Scott when he would come in (even if it was adults only). I remembered a lot of the songs that you were singing and it was great to see the students getting engaged in it again.
 I wish you the best on your upcoming show (s)! I am moving to Austria to teach this summer so will not be around to get you involved in my classroom any further, but thank you again for all of it. It was great!
Judy Davis, Louisville Elementary School, Colorado
Chris Macor offers kids an adventure filled with imaginative exploration, singing and movement. He touches on important aspects of character development including: kindness and understanding of others, perseverance, moving through fear and decision making. Elementary students are sure to enjoy their time with Mr Chris!
Lyna Weinfurtner, School Counselor K-12

Thank you so much for coming to our school.  The children enjoyed the show and continue to talk about it.  One of our students is singing “The Ants Go Marching” as I write this note.  The message is easy to follow and keeps the children engaged.

Thank you again,

Lou Anne Anderson, Niwot Elementary